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Cotswold Village

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Recent Changes

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Older Changes
November & December 2000
September & October 2000
  • Added The History Tour - A history tour from the very beginings of David Winter Cottages to the present day.
  • Added Cottage Statistics - A comprehensive listing of interesting facts and statistics including the yearly releases and retirements.
  • Added Mouse! What Mouse? - A comprehensive list of where to find the mice and owls.
July & August 2000
  • Added The Whole Collection - A list of the whole David Winter Cottages Collection in different formats to view online or to download.
  • Improved page for Archive Cottage News - The archive news and information pages of stories you may have missed.
  • Added The Puzzle Zone (The Twin Dilemma) - Fun and entertainment by matching the cottages while trying to remember where the different images are.
  • Improved page for Cottage News - News and information including new cottages & retirements.
May & June 2000
January - April 2000
September - December 1999
July & August 1999
  • Added Contents List  - A comprehensive listing of everything on this web site.
  • Added What's New  - A list of the new stuff on this site and what is planned for the future.
  • Improved Home Page  - The main entrance to everything in this web site.
  • Added Cottage Search - A search engine for every David Winter Cottage.
  • Improved Cottage Gallery - New photos and a better way of viewing them.

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David Winter Cottage Items Coming Soon...
  • Manufacturer Listings. - During a moment of madness I realised that I could easily program my Database to produce no end of interesting facts and figures. This list can now be viewed at the Cottage Statistics. A comprehensive list of all the Limited Edition Cottages has also been added. Watch this space for even more information including a seperate list by manufacturer and the Cottage Countries.
  • David Winter Cottages FAQ. - Since going live in January 1999 this web site has produced a lot of different and varied questions. This I have been pleased to have received and I have tried to answer them all. However, so that I can spend more time on designing and updating this site I am in the middle of producing a David Winter Cottages FAQ page which hopefully will answer most of the questions which are asked. Watch this space...
  • Cottage Details. - As mentioned above I have been concentrating on listing the collection as a whole. I plan to expand on this to include detailed information and pictures of the cottages and individual collections. This has meant that I have had to completely rebuild my Database to incorporate the extra information and also make the building of the web pages easier. This I am sure you will appreciate will take some time.
  • The Restylings - In case you are not aware on a majority of David's earlier pieces a large amount of restyling was done. This was done either to make the production of the pieces easier or to make the cottages fit in with the more detailed pieces which David had started to create. A comprehensive list of what the differences are seems like a good idea. I also intend to expand this to include the differences in the more recent Premier versions as well.
  • How the Cottages are made. - The title says it all. With information on David Winter in The History Tour now completed I plan to expand on this so watch this space...
Because of the large amount of research required to complete the above items if you have or a willing to contribute, for a mention and acknowledgement within these pages, or if you have any comments then please click here Contact Me

The World of David Winter Cottages
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