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David Winter Cottages
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Cotswold Village
Cotswold Village

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David Winter Cottages

Home Sweet Home - The main entrance to everything in this web site.
Cottage News - News and information including new cottages & retirements.
Cottage News (Special Edition) - A special news page containing special information on David Winter Cottages.
Archive Cottage News - The archive news and information pages of stories you may have missed.
Cottage Search - Search engine for every David Winter Cottage.
The Collection Listings - A comprehensive listing of the individual collections with statistics.
The Limited Edition Cottages - A list of the Limited Edition David Winter Cottages with their edition sizes.
The Restyled Cottages - Details of all the Restyled David Winter Cottages.
The Whole Collection - A list of the whole David Winter Cottages Collection in different formats to view online or to download.
Cottage Statistics - A comprehensive listing of interesting facts and statistics including the yearly releases and retirements.
Mouse! What Mouse? - A comprehensive list of where to find the mice and owls.
The History Tour - A history tour from the very beginings of David Winter Cottages to the present day.
Cottage Country Covers - Pictures of the Collectors Guild Cottage Country covers.
The Puzzle Zone (The Twin Dilemma) - Fun and entertainment by matching the cottages while trying to remember where the different images are.
Cottage Gallery - My David Winter Cottages photo gallery
Cottage Links - Visit some other worthwhile sites on the World Wide Web.

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Miscellaneous Pages

My Home Page - The main entrance to everything in this web site and links to my other sites.
Music Jukebox - Listen to some background music.
Cottage News (Special Supplement) - A special article on the history of Britain's railways to complement the year 2000 Guild pieces.
What's New- A list of the new stuff on this site and what is planned for the future.
Disclaimer & Credits - Disclaimer, credits and information to enhance your enjoyment.
Contact Me - How to get in touch with me.
Who Am I - Information on the designer of this web site.
The Best Links - Visit some other worthwhile sites on the World Wide Web.
The World of David Winter Cottages
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