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Welcome to this David Winter Cottages Web Site dedicated to the cottages made by the Studios and Workshops of John Hine, Media Arts Corporation and Enesco between 1980 and 2002

This website contains links to various related photos, a listing of all the David Winter Cottages that have been produced, archive news items and a few other things besides including a history tour, the mice locations, a puzzle page and some vital statistics.

Please use one of the links below and explore the world of David Winter Cottages. Despite the end of their main production in 2002 new items are being added to this website all the time.

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Contains information, news, photos, books and listings of all the David Winter Cottages

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Due to the changes that occured in 2002, when Enesco stopped making David Winter Cottages, I am now only able to respond to requests for individual valuations and only for the cottages that were retired before 1987.

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