Below is a full list of all the individual collections which make up "The David Winter Cottages Collection". Alongside each collection are some vital statistics which you may find useful:

How many cottages it holds
The number that have been retired
The year when the collection was started

For further details about a particular collection then select its name and you'll be taken to the page you want or use the Cottage Search.
A comprehensive listing of every David Winter Cottage.

The Collections

Collection Total Cottages Current Cottages Retired Cottages Collection Started
 Miscellaneous David Winter Items1011991
 Special Events and Promotional Pieces500501982
 Special Limited Edition and Charity Pieces8081988
 The British Traditions Collection120121990
 The Castle Collection8081994
 The Celebration Cottages Collection9091994
 The Christmas Collection230231987
 The Christmas Ornaments Collection5051999
 The Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection6061998
 The Collectors Guild Collection500501987
 The Crack The Code Collection4042000
 The David Winter Cameos140141992
 The David Winter Scenes4041993
 The Dinner Party Collection6062002
 The Eccentrics Collection100102000
 The English Village Collection160161993
 The Forest of Dean Collection7071996
 The Garden Cottages of England Collection6061995
 The Grand Tour Collection4042001
 The Haunted House Collection4041998
 The Heart of England Series120121985
 The Irish Collection6061992
 The King Arthur Collection110111999
 The Main Collection11101111980
 The Midlands Collection6061988
 The Mystical Castles of Britain Collection8081998
 The Pilgrims Way Collection9091997
 The Porridge Pot Alley Collection7071995
 The Pubs and Taverns of England Collection9091998
 The Scottish Collection5051986
 The Seaside Boardwalk Collection8081995
 The Sherwood Forest Collection9091995
 The Shires120121993
 The Southdowns Collection4041996
 The Tiny Series8081980
 The Traditional Crafts Collection6061999
 The Victorian Rhyme Collection4042002
 The Welsh Collection4041993
 The West Country Collection7071987
 The Winter Chronicles Collection8082001
 The Winterville Collection110111994

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The Totals

Manufacturer Total Cottages Current Cottages Retired Cottages Collection Started
 J Hine Ltd31003101980
 J Hine Ltd & Enesco350351994

Overall Total Total Cottages Current Cottages Retired Cottages Collection Started
 The Whole Collection51205121980

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