The Heart of England Series
  Apothecarys Shop (The)-1995
   Some base labels incorrectly spells this piece as "The Apothercarys Shop". Other variations exist including: "The Apothecary's Shop" and "The Apothecary Shop". 
  Blackfriars Grange-1994
  Craftsmens Cottages-1995
   Some pieces have brown roofs and are named "Craftsmens Cottage". 
  Craftsmens Cottages (Tan Roof Version)-1995
   This piece more commonly has a grey roof. Some were called "Craftsmens Cottage". 
  Hogs Head Beer House (The)-1995
   Very early versions of this piece were called "The Hogs Head". It was then renamed to "The Hogs Head Beer House". Later versions of this cottage were called "The Hogs Head Tavern". 
  Meadow Bank Cottage-1995
  Schoolhouse (The)-1995
   Early versions were named "Schoolhouse". Later releases incorrectly state the year 1987 on the base label. 
  St George's Church-1995
  Yeoman's Farm House-1995
   Originally sculptured in 1985 this piece was not released until 1988. 

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