Miscellaneous David Winter Items
  Coaching Inn Candle Base (The)-1980
  Collectors Catalogue Cards--
   Pack of 39 cards & Booklet 
   Set of 6 colour illustrations 
  Table Mats--
   Set of 6 colour illustrations 
  Collector's Book (The)--
   Hardback book 
  Collector's Catalogue--
  David Winter Cottages Shop Placard--
  Guild Pipe and Smoking Kit--
   Set consists of an embossed Pipe, Tin, Pouch and Pipe Rack 
  Triple Oast Poster (The)--
  David Winter Rock--
   Stick of seaside rock with the words "David Winter Cottages" through the middle 
  Burns Poetry Audio Cassette--
   Audio cassette of Robert Burns poetry relesed to complement Burns Reading Room 
  Collecting David Winter Cottages Book--
   Hardback book 
  Collectors Pocket Book--
   Paperback book 
  Eggars Hill Visit Gate--
   Square plaque designed by Hillary Macdonald 
  Eggars Hill Visit Plaque--
   Oval plaque designed by Hillary Macdonald 
  John Hine Studios Paper Carrier Bag--
  Retired Range Binder (The)--
  Village Memories--
   One off magazine comprising of excerpts from Cottage Country 
  Tent Cards (Black & White)--
  The Video - Meet The Artist--
  British Traditions Books--
   12 small hardback books based on the pieces in The British Traditions Collection 
  David Winter Cottages Artist of the Year Poster--
  David Winter Toby Jug-1991
  Printer and The Bookbinder Bookends (The)-1994
  Tale of Pershore Mill (The)--
   Hardback Book 
  Tent Cards (Colour)--
  Baroness Hardunbury's Book of Happy Times Ahead Booklet--
   Paperback Booklet 
  Birthstone Wishing Well Tile (At Winter in Berkhamsted)--
   Produced for a painting promotion at At Winter in Berkhamsted 6th September 1992 
  Birthstone Wishing Well Tile (Castle China Shop, Warwick) --
   Produced for a painting promotion at The Castle China Shop, Warwick 1992 Garden Party 
  David Winter Collectors Guild Badge--
  David Winter Cottages Collectors Handbook 1992/93 (The)--
   Paperback book 
  David Winter Cottages Guild Sweat Shirt--
   Dark blue with the guild logo on the front and the words "John Hine Studios" on the back 
  Directory (The)--
  Mad Baron Fourthrite's Family History Booklet--
   Paperback Booklet 
  Mad Baron Fourthrite's Spectacular Audio Cassette--
  Mad Baron Fourthrite's Spectacular Video--
  Maids of Pershore Mill Audio Cassette (The)--
   A song composed by John Hine released on audio cassette to promote the book "The Tale of Pershore Mill" 
  Pershore Miller Toby Jug-1992
   Based on the book "The Tale of Pershore Mill" 
  What Mouse Pin--
   Gold plated pin 
  Alice Winter Ltd Edition Print--
  An Unborn David Winter Cottage!--
  British Traditions Tiles--
   Set of 12 tiles based on the pieces in The British Traditions Collection (exclusive to Limited Editions, Arundel) 
  Carnival 93 Poloshirt--
  Inside David Winter Cottages Book--
   Paperback book 
  A Collectors Guide To David Winter Cottages Book--
   Hardback Book 
  Carnival 94 Limited Edition Lledo Promotional Model Van--
  Carnival 94 Pen--
  Carnival 94 Teddy Bear--
  David Winter Collector Badge--
  David Winter Cottages 15 Years Medallion--
  Eggars Hill Christmas Plaque 1994-1994
  Commemorative Planter--
   Only available during the Garden Festival at Eggars Hill on 25/6/95 
  David Winter 1995 Calendar--
  David Winter Cottages Mug--
  A Collectors Guide To David Winter Cottages Update 1996--
   Paperback Book 
  David Winter Cottages Collectors Guild Bag - 1996--
  Carnival 97 Badge--
  Carnival 97 Pen--
  Castle China Shop Truffleman's House Place Mat--
  David Winter Cameo by Faith Winter-2002
  Gold Master Village-2004
   The Gold Master Village was cut up into 12 parts and mounted on wooden plinths. Nine were used as raffle prizes at the Edinburgh 25th Anniversary Celebrations held on the 23rd October 2004. 

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