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Welcome to the David Winter Cottages news page. This web page is designed to bring to you as much as it is possible up to date and accurate information with regards to the world of David Winter Cottages.

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The End of David Winter Cottages From Ensco

Updated 2 February 2002

An Important Announcement From Enesco UK

Date 23rd January 2002

 After what will have been 6 enjoyable years, David Winter and Enesco have agreed that the David Winter Cottage range from Enesco will no longer be produced from the end of December 2002.

 During 22 years David Winter Cottages have been one of the most successful collectible lines that our industry has seen. With that in mind it is intended that 2002 will be a truly memorable year for David, his collectors and retailers. There will be a full schedule of new releases, retail promotions and the 'last ever' David Winter/Enesco cottage.

 David intends to be in the USA in the autumn and we are currently finalising our UK plans, details of both will follow shortly.

 David has, through David Winter Cottages, gained many enduring friendships around the world, both with his collectors and dealers. He is anxious to maintain this friendship. He thanks all who have either helped or been associated with him for giving him 22 wonderful years. He has derived enormous pleasure from producing David Winter Cottages and from sharing his enjoyment with so many others.

 David may also explore other avenues in the future as he is keen to maintain the name of 'David Winter Cottages', and it is possible that there may be some products developed in the future, all be it on a much-reduced scale.

 David can be contacted, both now and in the future on;


 Enesco will be writing to the members of the David Winter Guild very soon with details of all arrangements for 2002.

 Although everyone at Enesco will miss the involvement with David in the future, we are all committed to ensuring that this year is a great success. We hope that collectors, dealers and all who have a love for David Winter Cottages will join us in making 2002 the best year ever.

 On a personal note I am not surprised this has happened as I have observed a steady decline over the years with less and less shops stocking David's pieces (My closest is over 20 miles away!). I feel that if there is nobody in a large city like the one I live in selling them then the range was doomed to falter eventually.

 It will though be interesting to see what David does next!

 Rest assured this web site will still continue.

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Please note that even though every attempt is made to make sure that all information contained in this News Page is accurate and up to date items reported on may change without my knowledge. Prices quoted are only valid in the UK and are the recommended retail prices as supplied. Also the pictures of the cottages are only meant to give an impression of what they will be like. The colouration of the cottages may not be 100% accurate and may change when the pieces are released. The release dates supplied may also be subject to change and are believed to be accurate at this time.
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