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What are David Winter Cottages?
 The David Winter Cottages collection exists in homes around the world because of two essential ingredients: David's enormous talent for sculpting in the finest and most exquisite detail, and the ability of skilled craftspeople in Great Britain to make exact models from his originals. The David Winter Cottages collection takes us back to a tranquil existence enjoyed by countless generations, who lived and worked in simpler days gone by.

David Winter
 Collecting David Winter Cottages has become a fulfilling pastime for collectors from all around the world, beautifying their homes and enriching their lives. Made in Great Britain, these handcrafted and hand-painted sculptures shows you a world of bygone times. An enchanting world that blends fact with fiction, that allows you to use your imagination to wonder at the lives of those who passed before us.

 Gifted English sculptor David Winter is regarded as one of the foremost creators of miniature architectural structures. David's fanciful creations are based on the research from a variety of sources. Old books, photographs, manuscripts, etchings and real buildings all play a part in the evolution of an idea. This begins with a favourite feature but from then the final shape and form of the sculpture comes firmly from David's imagination.

Cotswold Village
 His romantic quaint designs are based upon British countryside life, and reflect a simpler more peaceful time. His cottages will take you back to a time where the importance of the village community bonds together the village folk, where they live and work. David Winter captures the charm and romance of the countryside from winding country paths, overgrown cottages and quaint villages to historic industrial buildings long gone. His work personifies what is Great Britain which is possibly why his cottages are so popular the whole world over.

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